a 22-year-old female from where my pillow is, United States

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"I'll fan you if you fan me i'll talk to you if you talk to me i'll slap you if you slap me but i'll be your friend to the end if you'll be mine."

 MSN: rajahartist@hotmail.com

  add my MSN for future chatting ^^ or just e-mail me.

   there's nothing really i want to say expect i love to write. duh! i wouldn't be a member if i wasn't! XD i also love to draw so check my devaintart account its empty right now but soon i'll be uploading pictures and stories. i have many accounts to  alot of websites. 

projects i'm working on.

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  the 4 rules

1.) do not steal any of my work...i will be really pissed of because it takes me months just to come up with a good idea

2.) you can use any of my charcters just ask and give credit

3.) if you have anything to say, just say it to me your words can't hurt me

4.) i like talking to people =3 so chat with me i don't bite.....usually....



__☠Sick Of cгyiη
тiгεd Of тгyiη
Yεαн, iм sмiliη
вυт iηsidε iм dyiη☠


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