a 22-year-old chica from the United Kingdom

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"A very small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love."

Psh, This girl is Rhii. She's not regular so don't label her, say you know her or act like she's your property. This girl is free to do as she says, thinks and acts.

Yes, Rhii's got friends and yes, sometimes they annoy the hell outta her or do the stupiest things or even kicks her up the arse but that doesn't mean she doesn't love them with all the pieces of her heart. They include The Mighty Six (a collection of school minions) , The Killer Five (her internet comrades), and The Evilness (some musical guys).

Rhii is a writer.

Rhii takes time to trust and love so don't be surprised if she doesn't want to talk. She's a little confused when it comes to living normally.

Of course, Rhii has something wrong in her head, it's inevitable. It's called ADHD - you may know it as ADD. The H just means she's got the added hyperactivity. ADHD means Rhii is going to act compulsive, scream and shout and annoy the hell outta you.

Her hair is nice if she can be bothered to do something to it. It has a natural wavy she hates so she'll either straighten it, curl it properly or tie the damn lot up. It's naturally blonde but Rhii hates that and dyes it auburn as often as she can. Her eyes are that aqua of colour. One day it'll come out blue, next day green. Rhii hasn't work out the pattern yet.

Rhii is also known among friends as Wawa or TW. This is a cutee little nickname she randomly blahhed at school and it stuck.

Rhii has a English accent which could be described as sweet or posh but she denies both. It's a southern accent so she pronounces all her letters and speaks nice and slowly unless fed carrots, but that's another story altogether.

Her favourite music is usually classed a Alternative, Rock or Pop and consists of many artists and bands but her current obssession is Jónsi - an Icelandic man.

Rhii likes her comforts and would die without electricity so don't even joke about such things. She's a somewhat materialistic person, although she does not demand more things, rather demands the things she alreayd has not to be taken away. Laptop is first priority, then her 3D glasses.

Rhii's got a thing about smilies with moustaches :3D

Rhii's all time favourite TV show is Doctor Who. Amy Pond is a slutty &$!&! and Rory is adorable. Matt Smith is her lover and has been since Ruby in the Smoke.

Rhii owns Matt's Bum and Below and her reason for living is to someday have his babies.

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