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Fiction lowbudget filmmaker
Experimental writer of narrative drama in all formats (except music) - plays, books, film, TV, radio, computer games, internet, comic books, anime, mobile phones, boardgames
And some sculpture£.
And ARG e-dramas



Internet art needs to be an hyperart in the Baudrillard sense - 'TV is more real than life' 



In order to get its message across the damn digital divide it needs to be artfully exaggerated.

None of this art is real.

It is all virtual so doesn't have the visceral impact of 'reality' art.
You need to catch people's attention straight off.
The internet is not like TV where you relax into a lazychair.

The internet is more dangerous, more fast, more sparky interactive, more disrupting.

It is a different medium.

You need to readjust your art accordingly.

What is interesting is blood and guts kicking, seeping through the internet, showing signs of human reality in digital form.
Make things exciting or else no-one will bother to check it out.
Excite me!

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