a 22-year-old girl from Wales, United Kingdom

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"The Lion fell in Love with the Lamb Edward Cullen What if im not the hero what If I am a Bad Guy-Edward Cullen A stupid Lamb-Bella Swan Breakfast time for Human-Edward Cullen"

Hey Guy's My Name is Rosie I am 14 years old and I come from wales and I love to write.When I look into my mind I get diffrent ideas and mainly they are ideas that involved Vampires and Twilight and Love.My stories are a Vampire Teens stories.

I am a Twilight Fan I have Ocd Obsessive Cullen Dissoder

I am a TEAM EDWARD so im a vampire fan.

Desprate girl looking for a vampire called Edward Cullen.

Im Overly Obsessed!!!


My Hobbies

  • Danceing
  • singing
  • acting
  • reading
  • writing

My Life

  • Twilight Things
  • Vampire Lover
  • Warning Edward Lover
  • Twilight!!!


  • Twilight Sagas
  • Harry Potter
  • Chronicals of Narnia
  • Marked
  • Vampire Beach
  • .


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