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"I do what I want, and you do what you're told."

Anthony Ferrari | Original Character RP | Multi-verse/ship

Name: Anthony Joseph Ferrari
Age: 26
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown, but usually dyed black, blond, or blue
Orientation: Bi with a heavy leaning toward women
Hometown: New York City, New York (Parents originally from Northern Italy)

Tony is a little on the short side for a male at 5’6” but as they say - dynamite comes in small packages. Although his build is average for a guy his height, who needs big muscles when you have wit, sarcasm, and the power of sound manipulation on your side? His eyes are a cliché emerald green, easily able to give Puppy Eyes™ if sympathy is needed, and usually have black guyliner around them. Tony’s hair is naturally brown but is usually dyed black. Sometimes it can even be blond or blue, and is always styled wild. His sense of style is casual, loose fitting, and would be best described as elegant punk. Both arms have tattoos on them and his ears are pierced twice in each where he wears small, silver hoops. Lastly, he has a nose ring that is also a small, silver hoop (The earrings and nose ring aren’t visible on his face claim most of the time though).

Personality ♫ ♪

Strengths -

  • Sense of humor
  • Will stand up for what he believes in
  • Loyal once he considers you a friend
  • Very caring and sweet underneath it all
  • Despite his overall opinion of others, he is usually pretty apathetic and mellow around people unless provoked
  • Musically talented

Weaknesses -

  • Sometimes doesn’t know when to quit
  • Can be reckless
  • Has a hell of a temper
  • Will attempt things just to see what happens
  • Paranoid and suspicious of people
  • Has boundary issues
  • Most of the time he doesn’t take things seriously
  • Sometimes speaks without thinking first

Likes -

  • Having fun above all else - After what he’s been through, this is all he has to look forward to anymore.
  • Playing pranks – This ties in with having fun. Tony doesn’t intend to hurt people with his pranks most of the time unless the person deserves it.
  • Subtly annoying other people – In his opinion, unless proven otherwise, most people suck, so might as well get some use out of them by watching how they react to him.
  • Flirting – This is another way to annoy people and he loves to see their reactions, even if he isn’t serious about what he’s saying.
  • Cuddling – Although it’s tough to find people he can stand to be around for very long, when he does, he loves to relax and cuddle up to them. So if there’s cuddling sometime after the flirting, it means he meant what he said during the flirting stage. Like said above, he can be sweet but it just takes a little time to get to that layer of him.
  • Getting drunk/high – Tony can be quite the life of the party, especially when lots of alcohol/weed is involved. This is a way for him to escape.
  • Smoking – This relaxes him and helps to keep his temper under control when stressed out, the same way it works for most people.
  • Animals - It goes without saying that he prefers the company of animals over other humans most of the time. Felines and birds are his favorite animals.

Dislikes -

  • Most people – Although he’ll try to remain civil to whoever he meets, so far he finds most people annoy him and are full of @@shit. He’ll usually be nice to women from the beginning though.
  • Being bored – If he gets bored then he’ll start to dwell on his past and those aren’t very good memories, so he’ll just sleep, drink, or get high until something fun comes along to do.
  • Greed – It was greed that ruined his relationship with his family, so he can’t stand to see that trait.
  • Clowns, bugs, and the Grudge Monster – Self explanatory.

Basically, Anthony smokes, drinks, curses, and generally doesn’t seem to care about anything. He definitely doesn’t take any crap or filter himself. Underneath all this though, there is a good, sweet guy. It might just take some time to bring it to the surface. After he decides that someone seems decent and he does take a liking to them, he can then easily become a loyal friend, sharing his beers and offering to let them help him cause trouble. It’s much more fun to cause chaos with a friend. Usually the pranks aren’t meant to actually harm people, but sometimes they do get out of control. Every now and then, he also likes to take the role of karma in his mind, giving people what they deserve, good or bad. 

He can be a big flirt. Sometimes his flirting is an act to troll someone in order to get a reaction out of them though. But if he is being honest about it, that’s usually as far as it goes because he doesn’t expect anything more even if he acts like it. He might go as far as a little cuddling and possibly a few kisses, but he doesn’t trust most people past that. Plus, he’s learned that it takes a very special woman/man to keep his attention for long. They have to have a certain… spark, or else he gets bored with them pretty fast. When he is in a relationship, he tends to go overboard in spoiling his partner and is very loyal.

Do they get along with werewolves, vampires, etc.? The species doesn’t matter; he treats everyone the same - he can get along with them just fine or he can find them annoying and want to toy with them for amusement. He does understand when to stop poking the bear though.
What is your character’s attitude towards others? Tony always expects the worst from others and is pleasantly surprised when he’s wrong. And when he is wrong about someone, he’s very easy to get along with.
How do they view the world? There’s no real good left in it, and it’s pretty much a lost cause, which is why he doesn’t feel guilty when playing his pranks.
Is your character generally happy, sad, etc? When not hopped up on sugar, caffeine, or under the influence of alcohol, he’s pretty laid back and chill. Despite his pessimistic views, he’s too jaded to let them get him down, having accepted that this is just the way things are so might as well deal with it by ignoring it.

History ♫ ♪

Anthony grew up in a rich, privileged family with one older brother, Antonio. His dad, Vincent, ran the company business which grew into a huge corporation over time with help from his ability. And his mom, Gabriella, took care of the boys when they were young and helped out in the business when she could. Times were very good. Vincent seemed to be doing all the right things pertaining to the environment and giving money to charity. Basically, he seemed to be genuinely trying to help the ordinary humans out. Anthony looked up to his dad in admiration as if he was a super hero. Because to him, from his angle, his dad was doing the things a decent hero should – helping to take care of the earth and the humans on it. 

His brother, being five years older than him, began working with his dad in the company right after graduating from college. And after seeing how well they got along and all the progress they seemed to be making, Anthony worked exceptionally hard in school and college to be able to join them as soon as possible. With almost perfect grades, that soon became reality for him. He gained his own office and a personal assistant to fetch him coffee - the whole nine yards. 

Everything was going perfectly. That was, until one night when Tony kept drifting off to sleep in his office. He was staying late to finish up some paperwork when he accidentally spilled tea on his computer. As he was cleaning it off the keys, he pressed a few buttons that opened a folder he’d never looked inside before. The names of the files didn’t make sense to him and of course his curiosity got the best of him. Turned out they were locked, but he tried a program his brother had shown him before when he’d stupidly forgotten some of his own passwords. After a few minutes, they were cracked open and he began reading. That night he found out that it was mostly all a lie. Although his father and brother were doing some good, the files showed that most of their business practices were illegal and under the table type stuff ranging from dealings with the mob to even child labor practices. 

Tony’s whole world shattered in that moment and he went berserk, causing his powers to finally manifest in that instant. The windows shattered and the whole place was ripped into shambles by the time Tony was finished with that building. The next day, he was waiting in his father’s office for him to arrive, and when he did, Tony pinned him to the wall using his newly discovered powers before telling him off and storming out. 

Needless to say, he does not speak to his father or brother anymore and seldom speaks to his mom, as he does not know just how much she knew about everything. He knows he could ask her and get the truth, but he doesn’t want to know the answer, because if it’s the wrong one, he’ll lose her too. And so, this leads to why he is the way he is – if you can’t trust family, who can you trust? 

There is more to Tony’s past, but I would like for those events to come out naturally in RP when relevant. His current job is protecting the city by being a vigilante, but he mostly keeps that a secret. He does it to try and make up for the stuff his father had done.

Abilities ♫ ♪

Tony’s power is sound manipulation. So along with enhanced hearing, he can also do the following things -

  • Sonokinesis: Can move objects with his voice and ambient noises. Can levitate himself and others to an extent. Can also use this power for a short burst of speed.
  • Force-Field Generation: Can create a protective barrier by using sound waves. Can also be used as a sound bubble, trapping any sound he makes.
  • Beacon Emission: Can create a beacon that draws those perceiving it, or only the one targeted, towards him. He can also reverse this, causing others to ignore his presence.
  • Voice Manipulation: Can mimic the voices, sounds and songs of others and imitate sounds such as animal roars and explosions.
  • Echolocation: Can determine the location of objects in the environment by use of reflected sound waves, whether generated by him or ambient sounds. A subpower of Echolocation is Illusion Debuff where he can use echolocation against Illusion Manipulation, resetting his vision to normal.

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