a 21-year-old girl from North East England, United Kingdom

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"War Makes Monsters of Men" fom 'The Ask And The Answer' by Patrick Ness.

Please, someone, give me some real feedback!

Me, in my nerdy glasses. But I'm a nerd, so it's okay ---->

I love to read and write, but I'm sure you guys have read that a thousand times over on this site (I mean, that's why we're all here, right?), so I'll not dwell on the fact. I'm generally quite a creative person, I do art and play the piano and clarinet, though none of them very well. I do it for fun, for me. Apart from the clarinet, that's more of a requirement, it hurts my mouth :(

My family are, just, like, completely insane. When I say 'my family' that does include me. I actually got given a Ben10 cake for my last birthday. Oh, God...

On the subject of God, yes, I do believe in him/her/it/them. But I don't think he's/she's/it's/they're still around. As in, he/she/it/they helped to create the foundations of life, then buggered off. (See Darren Shan's 'The Demonata' saga for further details. Though I promise I didn't just get the idea off that.)

I have a whole bunch of favourite books, and alot of favourite authors. I like them all for different reasons; Stephen King because he can really make my heart beat, Stephanie Meyer because she writes how I think, Paul Stewart because of his imaginitive world, Darren Shan for his great ideas and because he's just crazy. I read anything that's thrown at me, but can sometimes be very judgmental.

It should be mentioned that I'm also a ginormous Twilight fan. I respect other people's opinions, and I can see why people wouldn't like it, but just don't say it's crap if you've never even read it. That bugs me.

You should also know that I'm very, VERY good at arguing. I can be quite persuasive at times, and can knock almost anyone of their high horse. Just ask my friends. (LittleLuna, if you actually want to follow up on that. She's an author on here).

So... yeah. Greetings are always awkward, aren't they?

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