a chap from the void known as my mind!, United Kingdom

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"Here is your coffee."

Hi there! My name is Daniel and I've had a strange life, maybe one day I shall write about it but for now I  shall write about what my mind makes me. I usually write pretty deep or dark but think I'm going to try and write something light soon to make myself uncomfortable.

I like speaking to people and I love constructive criticism so font be afraid to say hi, even if it's just to tell me that "paragraph 2 is ^!@@ty." Oh and I love coffee! ALOT!

I also like to read and go for walks, nothing better than a book in the sun as you lay on the river bank youve just spent two hours walking to. If you'd like to see some not so interesting pictures of books and other things, feel free to stalk me on instagram @writer_to_bean


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