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"I reject reality and substitute my own"

If you are now reading this, i must inform you that I hate you all equally <3

Now back to business!

Name's Terra, but you can call me by any name. I honestly don't care. Another thing you need to know is that i'm in high school right now, so it'll be hard for me to post a lot of my stories online during the week. I'm also going to say this now, I will not be giving out my age, location, or any form of personal information, so don't even ask.

Now, if you are one who is familiar with my works on Wattpad, let me congratulate you on finding this. My twin, known on this site as Thobias, showed it to me and i decided to post my more serious stories on here. And to you watty folk, let me say that i have more than 30 stories started, but i will only post a fairly small portion of these stories onto here (not including my fan fictions).

Ok, to things about me that can help you learn and/or imagine what i'm like:

- I wear a lot of dark clothing, including black, red, purple, and midnight blue.

- Yes I'm goth

- No i'm not always depressed and moody.

- I have ADHD, but i'm the most calm ADHD child you have ever met

- I listen to most music, ranging from Breaking Benjamin to Steam Powered Giraffe and Vocaloids. Name it, i most likely have heard of them. If not, i'll gladly look them up.

- I'm a singer. been in my school's Performing Arts Academy for Choir for more than six years, on my seventh.

-I play guitar and piano, and i would love to learn how to play violin.

- If you have read this far, here's a cookie *hands you virtual cookie through screen*

- I'm able to write a five page text about my thoughts and mind, but i cant talk without stuttering and freaking out. Reason why i'm very anti-social in the none computer world.

- Anime/Manga  Lover <3 Have read/watched: Death Note, Ouran High School Host Club, Bleach, Heart no Kuni no Alice, Soul Eater, and After School Nightmare.

- Have a huge obsession for Assassin's Creed ( favorite so far is Brotherhood. I don't have 3rd, sadly) and Skyrim. I also play Brink, Both Batman video games, Kingdom Hearts, and a few others.

- I honestly hate how society has decreased in class, formality, manners, and intelligence.

- And finally, it's hard for me to hate someone and to have someone get on my bad side. Please try to avoid being on my bad side.

There you go, things about me =^_^= <3

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