a 110-year-old fellow from In my head, Canada

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"I have a fine sense of the ridiculous, but no sense of humor." Edward Albee "Laugh at yourself, but don't ever aim your doubt at yourself. Be bold. When you embark for strange places, don't leave any of yourself safely on shore. Have the nerve to go into unexplored territory." Alan Alda "Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he is not; a sense of humor to console him for what he is." Sir Francis Bacon

I am just an average 102 year old loser from a dreary lazy big city somewhere south of Toronto.

A wasted mind in a sea of many.  This city is no place for a mind.  I watch the world, but the world will never see me.

Maybe once I'm dead, but then again at 102 years of age, I have started to think that death will never come.  Maybe I'm just meant to watch.

Watch the world decay, and write stories to provoke thought and make you think about nothing, or maybe something significant.  Then again, probably not.  Thinking is dangerous.  So I will try and deter you from doing so :o)

Be safe, stay in a box.  Lock the door, and throw away the key.  Brick up the door.  Your computer is your only friend.

Oh... and read my stories :o)

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