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The Beatles, Helter Skelter: "I GOT BLISTERS ON MY FINGERS!"

Hello people of the internet,

Well, I like writing poems, most of them romantic, atcually they're all romantic.

I love the colours green and purple. I am a person whose mood changes in an instant, so any bad comments will not be dealt with lightly.

I am a very nice and caring person, depending on how long you've known me. I have an addiction to music.

I hate people making conversations completely pointless, but love it when people say random stuff, I hate the education system as it is now, but i can live with it. I LOVE DRAMA! If at school, there was a poster for the new school play, I'd grab it and run to the drama department in a second to get a part.

I like wearing scarfs, don't ask me why, i don't know.

I work on my own, unless you count the person I think of when I write my poems.

If you have any type of thing you'd like me to base a poem on, just ask, but it must something you love, no rebelling against society poems.


P.S. if you know what proctosis is, you understand how ironic my poems are.

P.P.S if you don't know what proctosis is, it's a condition where your eyes come out of your head 

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