a 20-year-old homeboy from the United States

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"Why is the run always gone?" ~Captain Jack Sparrow

*Casually breathes fire*

Formerly PrincessofObsidian

 Single  Taken ✓ Awkward

I'm 17, a Junior, and ranked second in my class. Sadly, school takes a lot out of me. Since I've entered high school, I've had my spirit sucked out of me. And though I still love writing, it's become harder to do so. With my computer out of commission, it's only been harder. I try really hard to write for you all, but sometimes I just can't.

"Impossible is a word found only in the dictionary of fools." ~Percy: Nikita

My male equivalent would be Holden Caulfield from The Catcher in the Rye.

Dry cereal is full of empty promises.

Fandom is all I have anymore.

Pineapples are rude and prickly. 

Supernatural and How I Met Your Mother are da bomb diggity.

I love and appreciate every fan and I love it even more when they give my stories a chance :) I'd thank you all individually if I wasn't such a lazy #&%!!.

I'm a fierce momma dragon who will defend her hatchlings (AKA my characters) with all her might.

I've named my first child. I'm not in a relationship...or pregnant....or anticipating having children in the future.

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