a 47-year-old woman from Kentucky, United States

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"Never trust anyone who says trust me."

I am a mother 3 grown children, My baby just turned 18 in November.  I love to write , a passion I past on to my one and only daughter. I love music of all types, from blues to Ozzy, except for bluegrass.. that banjo gets under my I like to write fiction and non fiction . I don't really like one better than the other. I will write what I feel at the time.. some of what you read may seem like fiction but may actually be biographical.. I have a very ,very diverse background.. You see I was raised in foster care and I have been married 4 times and yes I am only 39 so I have lived alot of life in alot of ways.. I hope you enjoy  what I write, please leave comments and if your wandering is that fact or fiction just ask I have no secrets... Can't wait to get to know you all ...

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