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About The Tournament

The first Poetry Tournament on Protagonize began on the 21st of July 2009. Since then there have been five more.
The current Spring 2011 Tournament is the sixth.


Elzu Wolfe (Summer 09)
ArchiTeuthis (Autumn 09)
Rac7hel (Winter 09/10)
Smac972 / Verse 47 (Spring 10)
Moonwalker & ElzuWolfe (Summer 10)
Verse47 (winter 11)
Moonwalker (Spring 11)


TheLemonYellowDonkey (Summer 09)
BillHartzia (Autumn 09)
ArchiTeuthis (Winter 09/10)
Gabriel (Spring 10) 
SomebodysAngel (Summer 10)
Lyre (Winter 11)

Disclaimer The ownership of this account is to be shared between current and future hosts of the Poetry Workshop's Poetry Tournament. This is not to be considered a second account of any one in current possession of the account's password.

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