a girl from 'gods port' gosport, United Kingdom

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"you can do anything as long as you can dream x dreams are made of your deepst desires so just go for it and follow your heart x"

We never know what we have until it's gone.

My dream is to be a best selling author and failing that ( my fallback career ) is to be an actress or, failing that a drama teacher. Also, I do not think gosport is 'gods port' thats just a stupid thing written on our 'welcome' sign. FYI I truly think gosport is God's dumping ground where misfits like me were raised XD.

I am in college now studying perfming arts a bus ride away from the OH SO BORING town I was raised. I try to base my works on my own experiences and I do have a few old poems around my house about how things have been dating back to when I could comprehend a simple writing structure.

I intend to get one particular poem of mine published and once it is I will post it on here. I have a mini-saga that has already been published by a competition for young writers for senior schools in britain somewhere.

I am a nutter and a typical sacastic brit, when I say sacastic I really mean full blown sacasm at a ny given opportunity, yes that includes assemblies, I evencorrected the vicar in church once! XD It was hillarious!!!!!

I love to write and I often get inspired by stuff on here like my friend on here shikarifan his lyrics are amazing!

A few random facts:

I love to sing

My favorite colour is purple/orange-today

I like all types of music from classical  to heavy metal

I am a very fast reader!

My fave book is Can you keep a secret? By Sophie Kinsella- she wrote the shopaholic books but tbh I only like this one XD

I am not insane, I passed that point three years ago XD

Love is beautiful

Thats about it I suppose and if u do like any of my material, it develops slowly, I am not at good at finishing stories lol x

Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again!

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