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"I am so clever, that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I'm saying." ~ Oscar Wilde

My mother died a year before I was born.

I lived with my father until one day he took me to the park to play hide and seek.  I counted to ten, behind the tree, and I heard him run off.

I heard

And that was the last time that I saw him. 

Fast forward two years, two years of staring at potholes with envy, and, well, it turned out, and you're not going to believe this -- my cell phone rings.


It turns out he was still at the park - waiting for me under the slide at the back corner of the park, by where the deer were kept (before kids started being mean to them, and they had to be put to sleep)  If I were a deer, and I don't mean to make light of this, but, if kids were yelling names at me, and if someone would have asked, "Hey, look, do you want to carry on with the stones being thrown, or should we just kill you?", I guess my point is, if I were a deer, what I would have liked, was at least a choice.

But, so, yeah, now Dad and I raise funds for his heroine habit through facebook.

But, that's me.  What about YOU?

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