a 24-year-old lady from Earth?

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"I will shot myself then I will shot her!"

Well, I am pretty new to this site. is still my first website that I publish my newest works but it is being over ran by teenaged and preteen girls fantasizing about Twilight. I need some feedback, not dumb young girls dissing my works because it is not about their beloved Twilight. (I am not that old myself, but still...)

Anyways, I will be publishing my rough draft of my latest novel that will just be known as "Bloodshed" for now... I really do not have a title picked out yet. >.>

If you are curious on other works, please check out my booksie account (MurderousSweetTart) but until I post something, I am sorry? Once I get some free time to type up the first chapter it will be posted! Stay patient!


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