just a transgender from Tero, 400 A.A.

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"It's just pixels, nothing to be proud of."

Hi, I'm Plastic, the wonder that is an indie author and poet. I stumbled upon this site via facebook, and the handle via tumblr, the blogs of which are named after using plastic pencils instead of wooden ones that take up so much more paper (though I wonder: is using up the energy to power my laptop REALLY more environmentally beneficial?)

My poetic goals include to make a decent sestina (now that I know what one is,) my scripting goal is to complete a screen play before I graduate college, and my novelist goal is to keep writing while I polish my first book. I'm not a very interested non-fiction writer, but now that I'm here I want to use Protagonize to get feedback on literary analysis and other skilled writings.

Oh, bother. Just read on.

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