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"Gaze long into the abyss The abyss gazes into you -Nietzsche"

Been quite awhile since I've been on here. So long, that I've decided to revamp the profile, except for my favorites. If you're wondering about my profile picture, it's a screenshot of a quick scene I threw together in a project I'm working on, which I then took through a mosaic filter using Gimp.

Let's see. Hell I'm not even sure how to do this any more. I suppose I'll put a few of my favorite works up here and add any other ideas I get later.



I have quite a few, so I'll just post my favorites. In order they are:

And in Our Spring We Crooned, Until the Storm Tore Us Asunder: Probably the longest poem I've written (besides Armour and the Flame). Definitely the one I put the most work into formatting.

Double Sided Break: Born and grown from a rant, this is one that happened to be satisfying with its re-reads with almost no revisions. (or at least I think so)

Revolution: A two part piece written for a creative writing class. It's an extended metaphor much like And in Our Spring We Crooned, Until the Dandelions Tore Us Asunder, however darker in tone.



A Heart's Undertake: A very short story I created for a creative writing class to experiment with the idea of no dialogue in a story. It details the relationship of a man and a woman and their final night.


The Corners of Darkness: A novel that's been on a long hiatus. It's in rough draft form, in fact, so much has changed from this version that the new version may not even be recognizable to those who read this one. Or at least the beginning phases. It's dark, not gory, but dark, with a large crew of characters from multiple sides of a brewing conflict. If you're into Sci-Fi/Fantasy, or just into morally conflicted characters, it might be up your ally. The re-write is just a quick sample of what the next draft will look like. This version will be finished first.

The Armour and the Flame: A poetic story that may never actually see an ending. It's brief, however filled with the imagery I use in my poems (well, some of them). It's not clear and cut, so you may have to do a little digging to get exactly what's going on.

The Orb: An idea I got one day that I just decided to post. Only one page. May go somewhere, probably won't


The Corner's of Darkness:


The Galaxy




Occultics (Magic)

Recommended Protaggers:

HerSubstanceDestroys: You see that bold print down at the bottom? Yeah, that's for her. The SubDestroyer. She is mainly a poet, a fantastic one at that (although depressed and personal, so don't expect roses are red poems) but also is a much better story writer than she gives herself credit for. No she doesn't write epic fantasy novels, and no she isn't the type to give a damn about the correct structure of a poem or how it effects the reader. She bleeds out her conscious onto the page and into her characters. And she does have a few things that can almost break a man down...almost. Yes, I'm talking about her story Let's Kill Tonight

Celticcoo22: Definitely checkout The Bandit Queen. I don't want to spoil it, but there's a Dechi (I know you're wondering what that is. But that's not important. What is important, is that it sounds awesome, and you should read to find out). And equally importantly, there is a girl on a quest for revenge with a tongue spewing feistier insults more elaborate than Elizabeth Swann. Celtic is currently on a journey however, leaving people like me to slowly decay away waiting for updates on a weekly basis, but she's 59 chapters in, and it's only a first draft, so go read.

GardeniasCastle: Haven't read much by Gardenia. But I have read a few things. Started with her NanoWriMo story (so...many...updates..), and was pretty into her writing, and from what I've seen (heard? read?) that's not even close to her best. There's not much dark and gritty, but she does a solid job at giving people bubbly feelings of anticipation waiting to see how characters develop both on their journeys and in their romances. She has a happier writing style. But beware, when she feels like writing, she !#%#ing writes. If you leave or a day or two, you can expect enough updates to crash protag.

thefutureisbright: Now I don't personally socialize with this writer, in fact, I'm pretty certain I haven't spoken to her a day in my life, which probably makes me a creep for all the works I've added to my favorites. I have read a lot of her works, and favorite just about everything she releases (And no, I don't have a weird internet crush). She is mainly a poet (not sure if she writes stories, I've only read her poetry). I really can't say much else, other than go check her out.

-Let it be known that on this day, Thursday, January 22, 2015, I, PithofPassion, declare this profile's comment section "The Realm of The Substance Destroyer"

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