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"A day cannot look so bright if our eyes do not experience the darkest of nights."

Alrighty, since you are here reading my profile, I will spill my secrets out just for you. :D

So, I am a girl from India who is currently pursuing English Honors. And that was the boring part. Well to start with, I am crazily in love with the movies! And when I say crazily, please do consider it as an understatement. I have this idiotic habit of watching them non-stop until my eyes are ready to pop out with pain. And still, I manage to watch one more. ;p But I have my preferences. The movies 'have' to be of the genres ""horror"", sci-fi, fantasy and action. I am not a very great fan of romance. But I love watching romantic movies 'if' the story line is good enough.

Then comes reading novels. I think, the madness for books can be understood by anyone who is reading it right now on Protagonize. I drool for novels. The musty smell of the books, the crispness of the pages and the satisfaction of reading is equivalent to nothing, at least to me.
 My 'most' favourite books are:

Harry Potter series (yes yes, the universally loved series)

The Inheritance trilogy (though the end was not upto the mark but honestly this series is worth reading.)

Goosebumps series (I know it is childish to read them, but COME ON it's goosebumps! No judgements please!)

The Lord Of The Rings series (I think I need not tell you anything about it)

The Hobbit (the movies are a giant disaster and disappointment)

The Game of thrones (the best gift God has given to the readers :D and I am talking about 'books')

Pride and Prejudice (I honestly love the part when Mr. Darcy proposes Elizabeth.)

The Host by Stephanie Meyer (to tell the truth, twilight series is nothing compared to this book. For a girl who hardly read romantic stuff, I cried at the end of the book. I hope you got my point.)

So that was my bibliophilic part.

Well I am insanely in love with nature. And insane word do not even start to define it.

I also like collecting coins of various countries. Right now I have a collection of 23 countries' coins and currency.

Listening to music is my all time favourite addiction. No specific favourites. If the song is good enough to make me tap my feet, then it will surely find a place in my playlist.

And yes I do love writing stories and composing poems. But right now I am in learning phase so kindly forgive me if my works are not that up to the standard. 

I also like talking and making friends. And yes, on Protagonize, I have met some really great friends cum mentors.

#GardeniasCastle (a biiig thank you to bear with my works and to guide me)

#Fitzy (you have always been a tremendous help)

#theodore (thanks for always supporting me)

#Snooshie (though half of the time I am lecturing you, it seems. :P)

So that was all about me. Thank you for reading my profile. :) :*

I will only say that keep smiling because it looks gorgeous on you.

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