from The island of eternal night, United Kingdom

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"'If all else fails: duck. as a defensive stratagem it's unreliable, but incredibly reassuring for a moment or two.' Hellion rain"

I am a wizard. That's me summed up in one sentence. I'm not one of the flimsy kind with wands. Neither am I one who channels magic through staff's. I am one of the originals, welding magic directly from my body. I am one of the 7, the defenders of the old world.

I am however plagued by what a 'regular' person might call a Daemon. All monsters have at one time or another existed (except the Loch Ness monster that was a shapeshifter) however most now are either in hiding or extinct. The Daemon that plagues me came from long ago from the dark realm that is known in the common tongue as Atlantis. 

There was a time about 2,000 years ago which was referred to as the Golden Age. This was a time where magic could be used openly and many great evils where vanquished.

But like time the world moved on and the tales of heroes and monsters passed into myths and legends. Now the few of us that remain have hidden ourselves in this society. I myself have had to change multiple times. I have been know by many names over time but my real name is Archon Nocturnal, which in the ancient tongue is ortu potentia noctis.

Now though something is changing and I must put up some of my own adventures and some that are more recent and this in turn will help to keep the battle against evil keep on going towards a great day when all races may once more live side by side.

Fratres et sorores adhuc pugnae fidei


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