a 116-year-old cat from In a Frozen Cave in Everest

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"You Only Live Once. But if You Use That Once In A Good Way, Once Is Enough."


My name is Merida. Merida DonBroche, The Princess of DonBroche. My father's the king. You must have known. I hate the fact that I should be a queen and married, and I love the fact that there will be no marriage until 20 years old! Oh yes, I am 16 years old. I am a peanut. Yup, you heard it! I call myself a peanut. Specially after that uh... Accident that I made my mother to a bear...

Well! I fixed it! I make a problem, I'll fix it. That's the rule!

SO ...


Meet ya later!


Merida Don-Broche Profile :

Name : Merida Don Borche

Age : 16

Crush : Hiccup Haddok III

Eye Color : Grey-Blue

Hair Color/Model : Fizzy-Fire Red

Family/Relatives :

- Elinor ( Mother )

- Fergus ( dad )

- Harris ( Brother )

- Harmish ( Brother )

- Harmess ( Brother )

- Hiccup Hoddok III ( sorta Destined husband )

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