a 49-year-old woman from Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro

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Dear all,

I am from Serbia, country of so many contradictions in culture and different people. I was growing up in a communist society but was carried 1984. George Orwell philosophy within my heart and Clockwork Orange was style of life for me. He shaped my rebellious attitude toward the system.

Me and my friends were hit with punk rock movement from England and its philosophy, and we wanted to change the world around us. It seems impossible but you will read how everything was possible for few of us that carry revolution in our hearts! Among all events, we interfered with drugs and that blended our lives too. Living in a part of the city called Liman, which was an explosive bomb for our inviroment, and incredible things existed in communist surrounding. Read why... Following our dreams, we are ending up living in London. From that point on, life has become such an incredible journey. My book is concentrate of events that were brave, unexpected, miracolous, mixed with lots of music and fantastic events. What heappend to us is something only life can create and that is, even to myself, unbelievable! From the world of clubbing and celebrities in London, we are ending up in war. From the world of drugs we are ending up in helping people get down from drugs. Life has learned us lots of incredible things that reader can get help for his problematic situation. From the bottom of society to the top of the world in inpposible things. I wish to tell you all now, but I will spoil your reading of such unpredictably Pierced.

I come from p;aces you dont want to go. Enjoy my journey through self-help true life novel Pierced. You will enter the world you would never imagine that exist.

Support to you all!

Svetlana Ivanovic


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