a 22-year-old male from California, United States

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"Clever Hobbit to climb so high!!"

Hoy there! I'm new to writing and am testing my current, writing capabilities. I've recently finished High School and am going to college now, so I'm trying to see how my abilities with the pen will improve from here to the end of this first year~

At the moment, I'm writing a novel called 'Nexus Fate'. It's a pretty complex book I've been thinking about for a year or so. It's relieving to finally start writing it and releasing all of those ideas on paper. I can't wait til it's completed, and I wonder how the story will mold from my present view on it, as I write further.

I like to draw during my free time, and I actually drew the cover to 'Nexus Fate' that you can see on here.
You can view all of my art at this link, also, if your curious: http://piegoose.deviantart.com/gallery/

I hope to become a skilled animator - yet I'm not sure if I wish to do it as a profession. I like watching anime and animated films to see professional talent in action (at least when it IS professional XD).

Nothing more to say, so have a nice day!! =P

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