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Hello, like all of you here, I love writing. 

I am simply just a sixth-form student trying to find an outlet to write and communicate with fellow writers such as yourself. I'm a scaredy cat so hopefully this a way to share my work with someone else other than myself. 

I absolutely despise books which focus entire on the romance, so much so that I cringe internally and have to put the book down and walk into another room to get away from it, however, if I really enjoy the book I end up shouting at the book my opinions..gets you weird looks if you do it in public though! When it comes to writing if I get sucked in I won't stop, and other than the romantic thing I'm not too fussy about genres, as long as it is interesting to me I'll write it.

I'm told I'm very blunt when comes to putting my point across, so don't be offended it seems as though I'm being rude - I'm not, I couldn't purposefully because my conscience would have a seizure.. 

I'm fairly new to this site so I haven't any works posted to speak of.

I'm currently studying Classics, English, Art and Maths - big mistake 

I'm hoping to study English Literature at some University far on the outskirts of the UK..I couldn't give you names as I'm useless at geography - I wasn't allowed to take it as a GCSE! I can speak basic German - and I mean basic, though if I was put on the spot by a German person I'd end up spouting Latin at them! I don't really have a favourite author...I never have though I do enjoy reading The Satyricon by Petronius, he does make me laugh. 

I am a massive Red Dwarf fan and if I meet anyone who has never even heard of this show, there are really only two viable options: a) Throw them off a cliff, or b) Strap them to a chair and make them watch every episode and series there has ever been - including the very terrible series 9 Back to Earth - but I forgive the tv show for this.. I'm also a massive Batman nerd and have been brought up reading the comics and thanks to the art in many of the comics I love twists to classics characters presentations, which is what I focus many of my drawings on. 

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