a 23-year-old funky monkey from the United Kingdom

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Im an aspiring artists and writer. I like to write Lyrics for Parody songs, Fan fics & short storys. I also love to draw and cook aswell, Im some what fond watching the old animes and writing stuff about them and i hate films and books like twilight. i despise it and have a theory that the writer was drunk and high when she wrote the series. I hate it with avengance you could say.

I hope to spend my time writing some stuff out for you guys to enjoy but i can promise you that its gunna be the best content in the world but i will trymy best to make it addictive to read. If you have any questions about my storys and what not please PM Me butbe warned i dont answer to abusive, fowl,racist or just plain stupid pms. I wont reply straight away all the time but i will eventaully write back so please be patient if your waiting for a pm back from me

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