an 18-year-old bloke from the Death Star... duh.

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"Considering all the cognitive actions a human can carry out, why is it that you have chosen to embody excessive self-gratification, overwhelming levels of sexual promiscuity, and an idiocy that has been unrivaled for ages?" ~Philip Gainey

How's it going guys? I'm Phil, a 17-year-old creative writer and poet with a deep passion for space, science-fiction, and Parks and Recreation! I'm really into indie/alternative  and dubstep/EDM music, and have seen Twenty One Pilots, The Neighbourhood, Glass Animals, X Ambassadors, Andrew McMahon, Of Monsters and Men, and Robert DeLong (Rob TWICE!) in concert.

As for entertainment, I'm a sucker for The Office (US and UK), Parks and Rec, Futurama, Archer, Star Wars, The Walking Dead, Fallout, Borderlands, The Elder Scrolls, and Mass Effect.

I love science fiction, fantasy, steam/dieselpunk, and the likes (my level 120 Khajiit and the fact that I am on New Game 4 on Dark Souls may or may not support this...). I've been writing stories since five, having started my journey on my grandmother's typewriter in her loft/library. I hope to spread my literary works to all of you, and to receive criticism and constructive ideas! 

Thanks, and may Force be with you!


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