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I love to write, though people often think that my writing style is a bit odd. Almost all of my stories are set in another world and usually feature the same characters. I have added the character profile so you can read about them and get to know them. please tell me what you think and if you have any questions just ask. I know it can get a bit confusing!

The Guys/Girls…Whatever….

Mel-19 years old

Confident, brave, fun and very protective. Mel is one of those people who are great friends but can be even greater enemies, so you don’t want to be on the wrong side. Mel is very patient and knows exactly how to make her enemies feel very small. You can always rely on Mel to be around when something is going on if not involved, and If she isn’t she most likely knows about it. Everyone knows who Mel is and if you don’t then you soon find out. She is always the first to either greet people or tell them to get lost. Don’t misunderstand though, Mel is a very kind and caring person, she just isn’t afraid of telling people how she feels them. Mel puts 100% into everything and always does her best to keep everyone else happy and tries to do what is best for them. She is a great leader because she always listens and makes sure that everyone has his or her say. She often leads with head (literally!) and will often do things without thinking. Although her ‘close your eyes and jump’ attitude often gets her and everyone else into trouble, when she combines it with her positive leadership and ability to motivate others, she is always able to see them through any situation. She isn’t afraid to do anything as long as it means the others are safe.

Kris-19 years old.

Mels twin, but not quite as loud and adventurous as her sister. If anyone has a problem, Kris is always on hand to help and she always has the best advice. Mel and Kris make a perfect match, Kris thinks plans through quickly but thoroughly, Mel puts Kris’ plans into action. Kris does her best to keep everyone feet on the ground, but she sometimes finds it hard to be heard over the rest of the gang as she doesn’t often like to shout above the others.

Sam-17 years old.

The Best Friend Ever!!!

Quiet and caring, no matter what you get her into, she will always stick by you.

She may act like things don’t really matter, but she can be sensitive and is even more protective of her friends than Mel is, though Sam isn’t as keen to run into things head first! She doesn’t mind admitting that she isn’t a good leader as she doesn’t like making decisions, though she is very good at listening. She always knows how to make her friends laugh and is very good at giving people confidence, though she doesn’t seem to have much in herself. She is also very good at giving advice and is usually right about everything, so when she has something to say, everyone stops to listen to her.

Gem-18 years old

Miss Independent.

Fun and confident but she prefers to be with one or two people rather than in a big group. She likes to just hang out with the rest of the gang but will go out and have a good time if she feels like it. Gem often hides how she really feels, which makes seem impossible to upset her, and she prefers to deal with things on her own in her own way. As long as she knows that she has the others around when she needs them then she is happy with pretty much anything. She is good friend as you can rely on her to be honest, though she can be a pain in the backside because she doesn’t always listen and likes to make sure that everyone knows what her opinion is. Don’t be fooled by her quietness, she will let you know if you get on her nerves, and that’s really not a good thing to do!

Snowy- 16 years old

She really is quiet, but besides Sam, Snowy is the best friend you could ever have. She will always be there and will believe in you and she never moans when you get it wrong. Snowy is a bit shy, but once she gets to know you, you don’t notice it.

It is impossible not to like Snowy as she is very sweet and will do anything for her friends.

Wilson-17 years old, a few months older than Sam.

Funny, sweet and brave but not confident. He knows exactly what to say to keep everyone laughing, and can sometimes be a bit over the top. He likes having fun and often acts very immature, but he always knows when its time to grow up and be serious. He is good friend, but he always teases the girls and winds them up, so it can be hard to take him seriously. Once you’ve mad friends with Wilson, you find it very hard to stay angry with him, no matter how much he winds you up. He knows how to get his point across without frustration and is very good at keeping his cool. It is very hard to annoy him because no matter what you throw at him, he always manages to stay calm and always has a brilliant come back.

In fewer words, he is the guy all the girls want!

Kemly- Age unknown.

She used to in charge, but she stepped back a bit when she noticed that everyone listens to Mel more than they listen to her. Even so, Kemly is still one of the most important people, even though she isn’t around as much any more. If it wasn’t Kemly, then the rest of the gang wouldn’t be who they are and some wouldn’t even know the others existed. If Kemly hadn’t been around to adopt Mel and Kris, then they wouldn’t have been around to meet the others and convince Kemly to adopt them to. However, it is slightly more complicated than that.

Acorn- Sams mum. Age unsure.

She is quite positive but, like Sam, she can be very quiet. She likes cheering people up, so you know where to go if you want to talk to someone who won’t ask questions, but will definitely make you feel better.

Winter- Age unknown.

You can never really be sure what side she is on, but despite this, the others trust her and no one minds having her around. She isn’t quiet, but she can easily sneak up behind you and sneak away again and you would never know. I’m sure if people got to know Winter, or if she got to know them, she might actually be a bit nicer.

15 Years In The Future

Jackie- 13 years old.

Jackie was adopted by Gem at the age of five years and now, eight years on, she has full confidence in her family and knows exactly who to turn too when she needs help. Jackie may be a bit shy, but she isn’t short on bravery and is often the speaker for the rest of the kids as she is the oldest. Jackie is happy just being with her closer friends as she is sometimes to shy to talk to people she doesn’t know.

She tries her best to be like her mum (Gem) and not let things get to her easily, but she knows that she has a huge family behind her that won’t let her down.

Jess- 13 years old.

Sams daughter. Jess is Jackies best friend, though they never agree on anything. She is more confident than her mum and definitely isn’t as quiet. Even though she is usually the one making noise and causing trouble, she is a very nice person and, just like her mum, she can be very kind and caring and is a great friend, even though she winds Jackie and the others up all the time. She makes sure that the others know that they can rely on her and that she will make sure that no body hurts them. she likes to push her boundaries and loves getting into mischief, until her mum finds out. Jess tries very hard not to disappoint her mum, even though Sam would let her get away with anything.

Ashley AKA Ash- 11 years old.

Second youngest child in the family, but is probably the most out going of the five.

She is very cheeky and loves to mess around with her friends and siblings. Ash doesn’t let anything stand in her way, if someone says something is impossible, she will prove them wrong! Although Ash goes out of her way to annoy Jackie, she knows how to keep everyone else happy. She may be bouncy and sweet, but she is always testing how far she can take her cheekiness and often gets into trouble for it, though no one can really stop her except her dad (Wilson). She knows that he would let her get away with anything, but when he tells her calm down, she knows it’s time to quit while she’s ahead! She has a very positive attitude and believes that she and her friends can do anything.

Chloe-10 years old

Ash’s best friend, though she does often prefer to be with the quieter children. she may be the youngest, shyest, quietest of the children but she is definitely the most popular of the five, both within the family and outside it, and everyone looks out for her. Chloe and Ash are always together and it is almost impossible to separate them. Chloe is just as fun and bubbly as Ash, but she isn’t as keen on risk taking, she prefers to just watch and laugh as the others run around and be ‘adventurous’. Chloe likes to hang around with Jackie when Ash is to busy to busy to play or is unwell, because Jackie is usually calmer than the others are, and doesn’t often get into as much trouble.

Darren-13 years old.

Darren is really the new boy as he has only just moved in and has come from the other side of the bridge. His sister, who is still on the other side of the bridge, is Jackie and the other girls’ worst enemy. Despite his relations and background, Darren is keen to show his new friends that he isn’t like the rest of his family and does his best to keep away from them, especially his sister, and tries not to get into trouble. Though he often finds this difficult, he gains confidence in knowing that Gem and the others are willing to give him a chance and let him stay with them, as long as he doesn’t willingly cross the bridge. He often tries to impress Jackie, though it is clear that she likes him as it was her that convinced the others to let him stay.

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