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This is my profile.

You are reading it.

I would not suggest this, as I am a relatively uninteresting person.

But, if you must continue, I suppose that's fine too.

About me?

Hmm... Well, I hate writing of all sorts. Especially poetry. Can't stand the stuff.

Sarcasm, however... I like sarcasm.

My thesaurus is my best friend. When I'm not using him to spice up my vocabulary, I like to dress him up and pretend he's a dinosaur. I feel this is the duty of every thesaurus owner, for if the creator of said book named it a thesaurus, he/she obviously intended for one of his/her (look how politically correct and nonsexist I'm being by using pronouns of both genders!) little word babies to one day take over Tokyo.

It's just a theory.


Why do we have a noun for a statement that is false (lie) but not a noun for a statement that is true? One can say "I'm telling you a lie", and I suppose another can say "I'm telling you a truth", but in my book, "a truth" simply does not suffice. Since my book is the thesaurus,  this puts one faced with the quite sobering prospect of my book destroying your city if this issue is not fixed. 


It's my goal in life to pull a Shakespeare and make up a word that becomes used in everyday conversation. Hopefully, this will be a word that will satisfy my thesaurus's... book?

This is getting awfully confusing.

Why are you still reading again?

Better yet, why am I still typing?

Wait a minute, I know how to fix tha-



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