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"I have long thought that Fate has a tricky sense of humor."

Well... okay, so I'm Iranian, and thirteen years old.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE writing (as do many people on this site, I'm guessing, ha ha) and I hate the fact that I have a very developed vocabulary that I can't use out loud because people will look at me strange.  It's not that I care what they think, it's just that it's hard for me to say it out loud as well.  More used to slang and stuff... Um, I hate Twilight, because Stephanie Meyer is just some sick woman who is obviously having a bad relationship if she decides to write a sexual fantasy and publish it into a miserable excuse for a book.  And I mean, come on, SPARKLES?  And for any Twitards out there, I would like to note that your precious Edward Cullen is abusive of that Mary Sue you know as Bella Swan.

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