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"Until then a thousand kisses - But give me none in return for they set my soul on fire. - Napoleon. & "@@%!, theres a whale in the Thames!" "What?!" "I know, how crazy is that?" "I don't understand how it got through the tubes..." "What tubes?" "You know, the tubes." "No. What tubes??" "The tubes that connect rivers to the sea." Thank you Rebecca Smith for providing me with constant giggles."

I am Rebecca, I'm 19. I'm not very fluent with story telling.
I'm hoping that this website will help me a bit with my continuity.
I always start things and never finish them... Laziness? Probably.

Please don't start correcting my spelling, this stuff isn't proof read it is fresh and straight from my finger tips. I may not be the best at spelling, and you may be bored, no excuse. Don't do it.

But do be honest, I don't want some nicey nice comments because you want a friend. If you want a friend, start a more social hobby, like tennis or something.

I hope you enjoy what you read, I enjoy writing it. You will notice most of my stories trail off, as said above the laziness, but thats when I don't enjoy writing about that subject any more or the character/plot bores me.

We had Nothing  Not much  Something EVERYTHING Love Nothing. (Rob Ryan, google him.)

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