a 20-year-old cat from Narnia, United States

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"Niam is real, Niam is definitely real." - Liam Payne. "I lika speaka to the munkays." - Liam Payne

I have five husbands. Carlito Styles, Pepito Tomlinson, Martito Payne, Miguelito Malik, and Dick Horan. Also known as Juan Direction.

I write fan fictions (yes, about my husbands)! 

I'm a hardcore Larry, Niam, Zarry, and Zourry shipper!!

I'm a Niall's Mofo and a directioner(: 

I also like All Time Low, Cher Lloyd, Ed Sheeran, Olly Murs, and Supernatural (although, that's a tv show, not music).

Leave me a message sometime! If you're a directioner, you better talk to me!

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