a 24-year-old transgender from Leeds Trinity Uni, United Kingdom

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I was recommended to come here after hearing about it's community. So, making the dive, I guess?~

I'm Penny, a too old (21 in 2 months, it's a scary thought!) university student who's been an on-and-off writer for about 7 or 8 years now, just recently attempting to write anything other than reports and essays after having a hiatus of what seems like a few years now. I'm always doing lil' bits and pieces here and there, but it's not enough to engage me anymore. So, here I am, ready to get more than just a scrap done.

I'm a very avid Manga, Graphic Novel and Science Fiction fan, as well as a lover of music and fashion, not to mention countless fandoms and films. I would say that the biggest influences on my work are also the above media forms, and surprisingly a lot of it is influenced by stand-up, british comedy and late 90s / 00s radio. It's a rather mixed bag, but from listening to commentaries, references and conversations, I've garnered a lot of information and even a few skills. Fashion itself is a relatively new influence personally, but I guess it's always been there.

Writing wise, I prefer doing Adventure and Science Fiction with supernatural elements, and most of these works will be labeled as Supernatural due to the nature of what I write. Themes tend to vary, as do my characters, but I'll always try and keep them interesting. Again, day to day my style sometimes varies as well, though this is usually for experimentation purposes. Expect all of these pieces to have mature content and themes, even if they're relatively mild. Just don't expect gore fests or anything too horrific though!~

More about me, I guess. I'm relatively cheerful pretty much all the time and I love helping others with writing, critique and the like, and tend to take on a burden at times, but that's just how it is. I'm very happy to work with others to write and discuss ideas, so feel free to ask to collaborate. 

PS: I do generally include a few LGBT(QIA) characters in my works because I feel like members of this community are underrepresented in the media or sometimes caricatures of sorts. As a writer, I know that it shouldn't define a character, and it won't, but it is an important kind of sub-theme to me personally.


Current Works

Zero Lights Project

This project is set in an alternate universe, and is based around the supernatural and frontier land adventuring, set halfway through the 1st century of a new millennium. 

  • Mid-Light Movements, as part of the Zero Lights project / universe. A small, sparse piece most likely.

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