a girl from somewhere far away from, Australia

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"Life Is Unpredictable - Always Eat Dessert First"

I'm 19 - a cliche uni student; strapped for cash, no time, studying English. I was born in the UK but I live in Australia.

I love to read, write and read some more. Usually just trashy crime (Reichs, Gerritsen, that kinda stuff) but i love things that are a bit odd. Perfume; a Story Of Murder, Nineteen Eighty-Four, and Beloved are among my favourites.

"Sometimes i look in the mirror and i think i can see another world, just like Alice. I reach forwards to slide my hand through the glass but I only ever end up with broken fingers."

"If life were easy, we'd all be at it."

"I love children - I really do - but i couldn't eat a whole one."

There are 5 things I solidly believe in:

1. All You Need Is Love

2. Be who you are, say what you feel because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter NEVER mind.

3. There's a world out there. See it.

4. Don't regret anything you didn't at the time.

5. You're never too old to take advantage of a swivel chair.

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