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"What I do is sometimes get a tin of soup, heat it up, poach an egg in it - serve that with a pork pie, sausage roll" - Dr. Lucien Sanchez

I love to write.

I also love to act, make music, draw and paint.

I am most generously described as 'eccentric'.

: )

I look forward to writing with you!


I am also on Facebook.

Ok, so it's been five and a half years since I updated my bio so it seems like maybe time to reveal a few more morsels from my personal smorgasbord.

I live in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I have a very grown-up BA in Acting.

I think the colours orange and purple go dreamily together.

I can exist for days at a time on nothing but chocolate and orange juice.

My greatest writing achievement (so far) was probably writing/scoring a full length stage musical.

A glance at any of my pages will more than likely reveal that I have a tendency towards the absurd and surreal. Mostly I find myself conjuring absurdly comic situations when I write. Making funnies makes me happiest and I like to hope that it can make other people yuk some too. In fact, the stories I've enjoyed being a part of most here on Ptag have been the ones where we're all just having fun and cracking each other up with where we take the characters.

If that sounds like fun to you, check out these awesome threads started by some of my favourite other loons on here:

The East Wallingford Chronicle

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The Protagonize Character Placement Agency

Oh, I also seem to enjoy writing poetry, both comic and not-so comic.

In whatever style I write, I obsess over finding just the right combinations of words to tickle the tingly bits in my brainbox. There's nothing quite like hitting that magic spot.

Also, as a foot note I feel I must stick up for punctuation since it seems to get a lot of hate slung it's way these days.

Grammar and punctuation are invaluable gifts to all writers! Please don't spurn their friendship through pride or impatience. Knowing how to use, and read, punctuation wisely not only helps you as a writer to say precisely what you want to, in just the way you want to, it also enables you to read subtle inflections of meaning and intonation in works that may otherwise be missed. Works with confused or non-existent punctuation are so much harder for the reader to make sense of. Punctuation was created because we can't expect everyone who reads what we write to know exactly how we hear it in our heads - and it actually helps us to do pretty much just that! It's awesome!

Don't worry, I'm not going to crucify anyone for bad punctuation or anything, I'm certainly not perfect with it myself, I just think it's sad that a lot of people seem to think it's an annoying irrelevance. Gentle rant over.

Hit me up if you fancy some collaborative nonsense.



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