a 23-year-old girl from England, United Kingdom

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Random Things About Me:

1) I like to rock. \m/ >.< \m/ XD

2) I adore writing almost as much as I enjoy reading.

3) I am a vegetarian. Irrelevant, but... yeah.

4) I follow no religion.

5) I am extremely obsessive, some might even say weird...

6) I only speak English and barely German, but I can say goodbye and hello in several languages =D

Favourite Stuff:

~ Music: Muse and Paramore =D many others

~ Authors: Stephenie Meyer, JK Rowling [LOVE HARRY POTTER], J.R.R Tolkien

~ Random things: writing, reading, drawing, vampires, faeries, cheese, sleeping and fire (I'm not a pyromaniac, it's just hypnotic)

Well, hopefully after reading that you might know a bit about the kind of person I am. Have a nice day, keep on writing and reading!

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