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"They will fear me!" -Luna, DOTA 2

Ya know, I'm just a panda writing panda things with panda stuff UwU

When you look at this, you cant look away, you get hooked! hehe!

I write about stories that I imagine when I'm bored or needing a little bedtime story. I like drama and romance (yes, I love a good angst XD) And so my stories revolve around love, and such.

I am totally into romantic revenge! ahhh It's so good! Yet I fail to write them in most of my stories ^^"  My stories take quite some time to develop. I have lots of stories in my mind that I'm thinking of with a good plot line and even a summary, and I usually tell them to my close friends, and they give me their feedbacks about it, but as far as detailed character creation/backgrounds and scene screenplay, It takes a lot more time for me to develop that area. (Oh boy especially, naming my characters ^^")

I have a distinct pattern with the stories that I write, so they might come off as predictable after you've read a single story, but I hope you'll like them anyways! I put my whole heart into my pages, you see!

Just putting this out there, I'm not trying to be rude but, I came here to write my story, and for people to read them, so if you fave or become a fan of my work with the intention of me faving or fanning back, I don't work that way, sorry! I only fave and fan works that I genuinely enjoy myself! (also I don't read much, sooooo....)

But I do appreciate the support, thank you so much, people!

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