a 27-year-old dude from the bucket of witty profanity, United Kingdom

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"Having a roommate means giving someone access to your apartment. You can lock out the world, but the roommate can always get in."

The name's Tori, I'm currently studying a home course in novel and short story writing and training to go in the army as a Dog handler.


I have a DeviantArt account with some of my work on (literature and art alike) the address is in the "website" section, feel free to look around.


I have ideas, but I don't know how far they will go... if I ever get my word processor back, I'll start writing =3


I MUST INFORM YOU: Any opinions of characters I write about are NOT MY OWN, they are simply fictitious opinions and personalities applied to make the character more human.

If my characters resemble anyone you know or you personally, it is mere coincidence. This is the same with events portrayed throughout my work unless stated otherwise. thank you.

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