a chick from Canada

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Here's a chick who used to write poetry on Protag as an angsty teenager, stopped for about four years to pursue a career in journalism, and then came to the realization that she was selling out to the man, and now here she is. 

She's still a journo-loser though.

I've tried my hand at writing short stories, but I'm pretty dreadful at it because I can't really come up with good concepts. I tell stories through poetry and bits of imagery. A bit rusty at it, but I'd rather feed my soul than feed the ~CAPITALIST MACHINE~ or whatever. 

I love baking also, which I find remarkably similar to poetry (when done right. The other day I made the most dreadful lavender sugar cookies. They tasted like baby powder, if you can picture it). You'll probably see a lot of poetry about food here.

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