a 26-year-old chica

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"Sometimes good things have to fall apart for great things to come together"


My name is Perla Ben Reyes and it's lovely to see you here. As you notice from my name, I am of hispanic/latino ethnicity and I am more then proud. I grew up in Santo Domingo the capital of Dominican Republic, an Island located in the Caribbean. I moved to the United States when I was twelve and I had to learn English which was an interesting but amazing experience.

I am a college student majoring in human services. I've always been so attracted to people, the way they think, the way they feel about certain things. Studying people and their behavior is a hobbie of mine, but that is not the only one. I love to help people and help them through a hard journey pick them up and just watch them grow. There is really nothing less rewarding then helping to me.

I am a dreamer at heart, and that combined with the way i feel about people just makes me a huge idealist.  I love to express myself in more then one way, I also sing and dance but there is something about writing. You can take a person through an emotional journey, make them see what you think and feel, it's wonderful.

I love learning about new cultures, and learn how people think and feel about certain things and compare it to what i know. I love mythology and anything that is sort of mystical, I am a very spiritual person and a believer that there is more to live than this, live does not end here. (here meaning this world)

I am a sucker for romance, and I love things that make me think.

Maybe this is too much or not enough but it is all I've got people.

Besos, enjoy!

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