a 20-year-old dudette

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"If bad luck was lightning, then he'd be the sort to stand on top of a mountain in wet copper armour, during a thunder storm shouting 'ALL GODS ARE BASTARDS!' Terry Pratchett- Light Fantastic"

Hi, I moved back to England about a year ago after living in France for 2 years (explains the name)

Now then...

-I'm 13 years old.

-My favourite movie is the Finding Nemo.

-I have a parrot called Onion, a rabbit called Rocky, 3 dogs called Lily, Hattie and Tubbs and a cat called Claddie.

-I sing in my spare time so I don't really have a favourite song.

-I want to be a psychiatrist when I'm older.

I think that that covers the basic information...:)

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