a 30-year-old female from Alberta, Canada

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"One kind word can warm three winter months" - Japanese Poverb.

Just call me Ozzy! Oh, and for those who are curious, Osperus means 'pickled fish'. I just liked the word. Hahaha.

My number one goal in life is to make every one's lives I meet a lot brighter. This is a bit difficult to do in person because I cannot smile, and if you don't smile, people automatically assume you are aren't that friendly.

I hope to be a world famous author before I turn twenty-four. My parents are very supportive, bless them.

I love to write, and the idea of writing a story with other people is just the best thing ever! I love how two people can take a story in two completely, wonderful directions.

Works that influence my own stories/drawings :

TV :Doctor Who - Bones - Stargate : SG1 / Atlantis - Angel (BtVS not the other one) - Sailor Moon - Bleach - Dirty Jobs (not fictional but educational and worth it!) - Mythbusters (Again, not fictional, but well worth the watch) - Dead Like Me

Music : Shanadoo - t.A.T.y - Ayumi Hamasaki - Morning Musume - Ozone - The NeverEnding Story theme (I frequently listen to it when I need a boost. I think it is Sarina Paris)

And my wonderful family. I just happen to come from a family of writers.

I am currently working on a novel with my Aunt, and my two younger sisters. My Aunt and I are also working on another novel together but we hope to get all the family in on it. Both are set in the beautiful country of Northern Ireland.

I am working on a novel by myself, and I hope to have it finished and ready for publishing by next year - which means it will hit the shelves in about two years. If all goes right. (Crosses fingers)

On a related but not related note, I hope to learn how to say 'hello and I love you' in every spoken language. I'm a hippie without the pot! And the clothes. And the 'against the establishment' - okay, I'm not a hippie, but I love the world!

Please tell me if you find something wrong with my written stuff. I can't fix things if I don't know I am doing it wrong! Thanks. :)

Viva imagination, life, and freedom!

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