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"A path less traveled is always worth the journey, no matter how treacherous."

Panduh (*3*)

Hello you stalker! Just kidding. Thanks for visiting my profile. I have no stories up yet, but I plan to be writing alot this summer, as well as indulging in some art. I'm a graphic designer [student] and have had more than a few commissions. I've also been requested to write some stories for friends and strangers who simply liked my writing. Whether it was the story [plot] itself or my style, something has kept my 'following' close at hand and ready to read anything I write.


Art: Started out with traditional media; pencils, pencil crayons, ink, etc. I'm getting better at the digital angle, incorporating the use of the Adobe CS into my repertoire and gradually becoming more than just 'comfortable' with it.


-I've been asked to do a few peices for fundraisers and a personal piece for a friends boyfriend.

- In the process of designing a few tattoos

Music: Who isn't interested in music?

-LIGHTS, Adam Lambert, Beyonce, orchaestral [cello, piano, violins mostly]

-Anything japanese, hindi, spanish, korean [with a good beat] I may not understand every word...but i can sing most of the songs..word FOR word 8D

Athletics: Probably not what you're thinking. I try to workout...but with my recently lazy body. I have bouts of moments inwhich the most working out I do is lifting groceries for my Ma or walkin around at work. I'd rather play sports than watch. Basketball, soccer, some football mebbe..tennis perhaps. Volleyball, baseball, in which I would be in the outfield..singing to myself :3

Reading: Saturns Children has been one of my favourite books, written by Charles Stross. He incorporates realtime Biology and sciencefiction in such a way, that he encourages my love of the science and art of writing by combining both in such an effortless manner.

-I love to read stories on here about my favourite couple Michiru and Haruka. I once told someone very close to me that they were the ideal couple and that Naoko Takeuchi had it right the first time.

Writing: I'm in the process of writing a semi-personal story that is of the 'Hero/heroine' genre. That is, my story will focus on the lives of two friends who become heroines in their city. I will hopefully post it up here and depending on reviews and feedback as well as what my trusted few have to say, I might publish.

Movies: Anything. If it has a good plot, is funny without being assanine or vulgar/crass. I might like it. I also adore cinematography and certain things like dialogue. I also happen to find accents intriguing.

-300, Battlefield. L.A. [Michele rodriquez...and the entire aspect of protecting the Earth from an oncoming invasion. I may have a deep-seated love for violence that goes against my otherwise cool, calm, quiet demeanor...maybe, almost any Johnny Depp movie, House of Daggers, Curse of the Golden Flower, The Vow, any Jim Carrey movie [not including the Majestic ;l, Harry brown, Sherlock Holmes, I Love you Beth Cooper, New Years Eve, Post Grad, Larry Crowne, Zombieland, Zoolander, etc

COMICS! 8D: I'm a DC chic, fell in love with it when I found a dear friend who I could talk to about it and didn't feel like a dink. I got my unofficial 'Geek card' in mah pocket ready to pull out and show anyone who questions my geek status. [It's really just an original Yu-Gi-Oh! card..the head of Exodia ;D]. I like the style and storyline of most comics and hope to actually have a comic of my own that follows the same story as my eventual first novel! :3

Manga: Battle Angel [currently reading, anything with amazing art and great plot. I prefer not to read drama..but if it's a subplot within the manga itself, I can bear. Usually, there is no good story without some drama. However, I'd like to put on record that the 'drama' I'd love to read deals with theatrics of the manga itself.

Anime: Sentimental and absolute; Sailor Moon. I can't list all of the anime I've watched nor all the manga I've read, but I will attempt the anime list:

Sailor moon, certain DBZ Sagas, Original Yu-Gi-Oh!, Original Pokemon, Monster Rancher, Digimon, Love hina, Chobits, Hunter x Hunter, Rorouni Kenshi, Basalisk, Trigun, Black Lagoon, Candy boy, Maria-sama ga miteru, Strawberry Panic, Yami to Bōshi to Hon no Tabibito, K-On, Zoids, Eureka Seven, Trinity Blood, Cowboy Bebop, Armitage, Ghost in the Shell, Full metal alchemist,...that's all I remember for now..

Language [Erin..I took this from you b/c it's the best heading for being interested in other languages ;p: Mostly Japanese and hindi, German, Polish, Spanish, French, and potwa [broken English that is spoken in my parents' homeland and is spoken around me at family gatherings]. Unfortunately, I haven't mastered any of these, but what I am able to say, I do so with 'flawless' pronounciation. I do accents as well :3 I'm told I have a light accent that is hard to pinpoint..but i'm sure that's just the British comedy that I watch with my dad, that slips in every so often.

To the 'good stuff' ;):

In a family of 5, including myself, I am the second child. The lightest skinned of us all, I enjoy that the only way anyone would be able to tell that I'm related to my family is that I look like my Ma. That means...my Ma looks very very young for her age. Not that I look old for mine.

I am a fit, 5'3.5'' bundle of serious energy with no problem in delegating or taking charge. I've fallen into my own and have yet to have anyone object or challenge me for anything. I may be short, but I don't take &#&^. I have naturally black hair that reaches down about mid-back when straightened and am proud to be rocking bangs once again!

My big dark brown eyes are complemented with, "...Plumb perfectly ripe strawberries waiting to my plucked" type of lips...as described by my friend, erintenou [you gewf].When asked about the 'shape' of my lips..she nonchalantly told me, 'hmmm...soft oval then i guess.."Once again, thanks Erin ;p

I always wear three necklaces, one chokerstyle with a natural blue stone on a black string, and two pendants that signify a friend i've had for more than 5 years. I love to dress comfortably, but that means no dresses. I sometimes wear skirts. I will wear ties as well ;). Skinny jeans, tee's, light flowing material that doesn't cling, but follows my slight curves. Sneakers are a secret want..I won't spend the money on them, but I do prefer them over heels or flipflops and will treat myself to a pair or two every few years [I haven't bought new shoes in over 5 yrs u.u no treats for Panduh].

My nickname as given by my friend is Panduh and it is the one you will read about the most :) I also go by..cupcake, babe, baby, sweetheart, sweetie, [my realname]kins, cutie, Love, etc.

I give names like dingleberry, blueberry, honeypot, honeybunches, booblypuff, gewfula, gewf [play on goof, dink, dinghy, Bunneh, sugarpuff, turtledove, turtlebutt, maplebuds, peppercake, cutiecakes, etc. It's not without love that these names are given. I say these all with the deepest amount of sincerity and appreciation for these individuals always being in my life.

I drink Dr. Pepper almost religiously. Not as sweet as coke, but far more satisfying than any other softdrink I've ever had. And I can pour it into a mug and pretend it's coffee:3 With the 29 mg of caffiene..it has the same effect as real coffee would. Despite my love for the pop, I do eat as healthily as possible. Fresh veggies, and fruits as well as tiny snacks. Home made if possible. I love to cook and recently made maple glazed salmon on a bed of mushroom rice with a side of sour cream and chives mashed potaters for mothers day so she wouldn't haven to cook [5 servings for my family]. I also made some jello [without the gelatin] and baked a chocolate chip,lemon cake, with a fruit puree and meringue spread between the two layers, iced with chocolate frosting.

That's all thus far. Message me if there's anything else you'd like to know :)

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