a 21-year-old dudette from the dry place, United States

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"Unless some sweetness at the bottom lie, who cares for all the crinkling pie?" William King, The Art of Cookery (1708)

Short Auto-Biography:

Hello, my name is Michaela Dawn, I started writing a book in Janurary- It really just came to me. I thought it was odd, when I first started writing my book. There was so many other ideas that I thought of for years that I had been planning to write; I guess this one seemed to stand out to me. So I wrote. A couple months later, my cousin recommended this site to me and here I am! :D


It randomly happened, story of my life!

Basics About Me:

  • I love to draw and I'm planning on selling some art after a couple of people recommended I should do it. 
  • I have a BIG family. Kind of...
  • I'm going to Italy.
  • I am always trying to be sure of what I want. Otherwise I just get confused...
  • I LOVE adventure... :D

My Music Choices (I recommend you use to listen to music):

  • Jack Johnson
  • Green Day
  • Cake
  • Beirut
  • Matt Costa
  • White Stripes
  • Beatles
  • And So Many Others

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