just a lady from a small Midwestern town...

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Love is my middle name. C is my first initial.

Anyways, I'm just an average "lady" from a small town, as it says up there.

I like to write. Duh. That was kinda stupid to put on my profile, wasn't it?

My username is "OpheliaCavy" because Ophelia is Hamlet's lover who goes insane and drowns herself, and Cavy is another name for guinea pig. I really want a guinea pig. However, my current living accomodations prevent that from happening. How sad.

I'm interested in animation, fashion, music, culture, religion, etc. I'm interested in everything except sports. Miss Ophelia is NOT athletic at all. But she probably should work out sometime. I'll put that on my to-do list.

I make a lot of lists, read a lot of books, and watch a lot of movies. I suppose if you wish to contact me, you could call me Ophie or Ophelia or OpheliaCavy.

Not C. Love or C.

I'm trying to escape myself for a while. I'm trying to hide in writing, hide in music, hide in art.

My actions in hiding are truly the best way to express my true self.

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