an 18-year-old diva from Okanagan, B.C., Canada

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Rawr! (That means I love you in dinosaur!) So rawr to every person! I love reading.I love the Uglies Series, hence Onyx-wa. My friend, GoldenLilac, brought me here, so I may show you my talents! In fact, she wrote my profile for me. I hope to make her proud. In band, my nickname is Bones. Onyx is the name of my dog, he is a Shih Tzu. He is best friends with GoldenLilac's dog, Henry. I think that's all! I will get to writing a story as soon as possible, or else GoldenLilac will rip my throat out. I've heard she's done that before... And I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan!Also now I've become a huge Skye Sweetnam fan on my facebook page I have her picture.She's not my picture any more.

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