a 26-year-old ragamuffin from the United Kingdom

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Hello, and welcome to my profile!

I tend to ramble with this sort of thing, so I'll try to keep this concise. I like to write, of course, and I'm of the opinion that you can never own too many books. I believe that life must be lived with at least one canine companion to be properly enjoyed, though I welcome the company of cat-lovers and fans of animals in general. In my spare time, I listen to music (usually the same song on repeat until I begin to loathe it), play video games (PS3/PS4/Vita/3DS, for those interested) and take (very) amateur photographs of my local Wales, where I live for the time being as I complete a degree in Linguistics.

Did I mention that I like to write things? Yes? That'll be all, then.

Nice to meet you!

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