a 27-year-old female from Kingston, Jamaica

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"Do what you can with what you have where you are... Author Unknown"

     O'cean is a twenty four year old cancerian who resides in the breath-taking island of Jamaica. Of all the fourteen parishes in my country, St. Ann, Montego Bay and Kingston are my favourite (so far). What I love most about the land of my birth is my culture which includes the music, language and dress codes...people can be really disgusting at times but generally, they have a catchy sense of humor, are helpful and caring. They also love mix up!

I am very sociable but quiet and private. Silence is a good friend of mine but on a down low I spend more quality time with different relatives of music like Pop, Country and Western, Old Souls, Alternative, Reggae, Dance-hall, R 'n' B, Jazz and Blues and the list goes on. The alluring sounds of soulful singing and or instrumentals chills my heart and causes my nerves to pulsate in hypnotic lust and wondrous awe of the amazingly diverse talents that people are so blessed to have.

In my own company, I love to read, write, sing, learn about new things and listen to music. I love going out with friends and laughing away my senses as well. It is my love for reading and learning new things which led me to Protogonize. I was reading one thing and that thing led me to something else which pushed me here...thankfully curiosity hasn't gotten the best of me yet!

I've enjoyed the works of many protogonist on this site already and must say that what I've read is simply awesome. I anticipate reading more and making additional contributions!!

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