a 47-year-old bird from Ontario, Canada

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"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle."

Hi all, Just a little introduction of myself.

My name is Tammy and writing is in my blood.  I have wanted to be a writer for most of my life.  I have a cousin who is already published and an aunt in the process of finalizing her agreement with a publisher.  My Grandfather could hold you spellbound with his stories.  Most of which were true.  I feel that words are a part of my heritage.  Words are powerful and words are magical.  I want to weave them together to create the most powerful story I can.

I was born and raised and continue to live in a rural area of Northern Ontario.

I have a great husband and 3 kids (twins and another 20 months younger).  My favorite breed of dog is the pug.  I have 2.  I also own a cranky cat and a kitten that is very full of mischief.

I am a stay at home Mom.   Originally I went to college to be a landscape designer, but there is just no call for that where we live.

I am a creative sort of person.  Always dabbling in many different forms of art whether it is writing, drawing, singing, painting, woodworking, carving or dyeing pysanky (ukrainian eggs).

My life experiences are probably different than most, especially those of other women.  I grew up hunting, fishing and trapping.  I worked as hard as any boy around.  I could pile 17 cord of wood in a day along side my sister.  My father had always wanted boys and raised us just as he would have if we had been boys.  What a shock to the system when I got married and was expected to cook and do laundry LOL.  Actually, my hubby is just as good, probably better, at those types of things.  Often I will suggest he make supper and I will throw a truck load of wood into the basement.

Anyways, I would probably say that I am a "rough tough cream puff".  Just because I was raised like a boy doesn't mean I can turn off all of those dreaded female emotions LOL.  They are alive and well and living inside of me.

I am Tammy and I am a northern gal!

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