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"Whew! Me and my computer made it through the lag-storm unharmed!"

Hello everyone, I'm someone who never really enjoyed reading stories or such, unless it was related to Greek mythology, but I've always love writing.  Mostly short stories, but a few long ones as well, one was even a tall tale.  Anyway my real love is for poetry, nothing has my brain salivating like reading those delicious lines of formulated goodness mmhmm!  I tend to be very serious when it comes to reading, turning on the most evil of glares, sighs of great anguish, and a small hint of...please-leave-me-alone but that's just because it's so rare for me to find something I'm really into.  Not because the stuff I read isn't good, I simply have particular interests...that tend to change on me...IN AN INSTANT!  I'll pretty much read about anything if you hand it to me...and strap my hands to it...and threaten to kill my family if I don't....but I mostly enjoy fantasy story, stories heavy on the psychological aspects of the human mind and spirit, stories with a ton of imagery and figurative language, and ones in English....sorry it's the only language I know.  

Random list of things I like to do...related to the topic of this sight

Write stories in a world similar to medieval times

Draw characters and write stories for them

Write/recite Poetry, spoken word, raps, songs, ------

I hope to one day make an cartoon, anime, animation of some kind, featuring a character or story I've written.

Likes- People smiling, anime (Paranoia Agent, Gungrave, SE), Games (computer, board, console, outside), Art (mostly of people), Anime and american comic style that is realistic, photography (people), sculptures...Man i like a bunch of stuff! 

Dislikes- Allergies...No seriously, they're horrible. Bad breath, Being too serious for too long. My laziness.

Uh oh! Computer starting to malfunction! Well that's about it *save save save*

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