an 18-year-old funky monkey from Nowheresville an isolated town, United States

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"I have many favorite quotes, but I don't remember them all. I think my favorite funny one is from Avatar The Last Airbender. In the episode where Appa is shedding and Sokka, Aang, and Toph are messing with the fur. "Could someone get me a razor? 'Cause I have some hairy pits!" -Toph, Avatar the Last Airbender. "You like the loopy girl, you like the loopy girl! Loopy love! Loopy love!" -Rick, The NaNoMusical I have many others, but I think this might become a warzone if I name all of them."

I grew up as a daughter of a published author. I've always enjoyed writing and when I was younger I would write fanfiction. I still do today, but that was all I really ever dared to write when I was younger. That and play romance writing practices with my cousin. Now, I've taken the dare of writing a full novel. I haven't started yet, but I will on January 1st, 2014.
I also grew up with playing Legend of Zelda, and watching my sister play it. I love Monster High, and I have been learning how to play the ocarina.
I don't remember when I first saw this, but I still watch Animaniacs just because they're really weird as I am.  I did my first NaNoWriMo and won for 2013.

The internet has done a lot in my life by helping me make friends online that were like me. Because in my real life, no one at school really cares about writing.  Making online friends really helped me out and get a social life.

I love Taylor Swift, and Nightcore. I love those songs that totally say how you feel, or say exactly what your character would.

I'm not really one for poetry, but if it's part of my novel I'll try to write the best poem I can that will fit.  I love writing fantasy and small random songs and random writing like that.

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